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Cryptowall 4.0 Watch

Russian Hackers are Behind Cryptowall 4.0; Bitdefender Creates Vaccine Cryptowall 4.0 spam servers are located in Russia, according to ongoing analysis by Bitdefender’s anti-malware team. The Javascript-written malware downloads the CriptoWall component from a Russian server. The investigation also reveals the encryption algorithm used is AES 256. The key is encrypted using RSA 2048, most likely […]

Windows 10 update woes

Recently you may have seen that your computer is eligible for a Windows 10 upgrade.  While most of these upgrades install smoothly there are still users that have issues during or after the upgrade.  If you are one of the unfortunate few with upgrade issues give us a call.  We can get you upgraded or […]

Virus Protection

If you are currently using a “free” antivirus product, you may notice that it is providing you, free of charge popups and advertisements for their software.  YAY!   We are now selling a great Antivirus product that won’t slow your computer down, and since it isn’t free, you won’t be getting popup advertisements and accidentally […]

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