AT&T Phone system issues

Just to let you know, our phone may be ringing busy.  AT&T is currently having issues.  You can contact us via the contact form if you need us.  We are still here!



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Remote Online Backup Services

If you need backup services, we offer them.

Online backup is available starting at $25 per month.  Secured on our servers, encrypted on your end, compressed to save storage space.  HIPPA Compliance, and PCI Compliance.

For more details, contact Matt at 260-347-5559.



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Have you received a phone call about computer problems?

Just wanted to inform you about a recent onslaught of phone calls from people claiming that your computer has contacted Microsoft about multiple computer issues. These people are fishing for money from you to fix your computer! DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO CONNECT! They will ask you to remotely connect them to your computer and they will fix it for you for a price of $99 – $299. Whether they can fix your computer or not, don’t trust them!

If you get this phone call, just tell them not to call you and hang up. They will probably call you right back!

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Thirty (30) years of dedicated service

Just a little tidbit that you probably didn’t know.

Kendallville Computers has been serving the community of Kendallville and surrounding counties for 30 years! Where else better to do your business! We can fix all brands of PC and provide service to home and small businesses alike. With a reputation of getting it right, and a 30 year track record, you can’t do any better than to choose Kendallville Computers. Stop in today!

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Backup your files!

Just today, I had another instance of “good thing we back up your computer before we try to repair a few windows problems by doing a windows repair install”. After we tried to do a windows repair install, BAM!, the user folders had been rendered useless. The folders were corrupted and inaccessible.

But good for the customer and good for us, our policy of making a backup of your drive before we attempt the major stuff let us restore their wedding photos, baby photos, and the graduate paper the missus had been working on for the last few weeks were safe!

This is how we do business. We don’t want the computer to get any worse after it comes in to us, but sometimes things will go down hill fast. But don’t rely on us doing our backup! You need to do a backup too. More often than we do!

You need to be responsible for making a backup of your important data at least once a month, if not more or less depending on how often your data changes. We can help you setup a backup program and help you choose the best medium to put that data on, from CDs to large external hard drives, to an encrypted remote backup to our server. We can help you encrypt your backup media too. Just ask.

It’s not too expensive to take the precautions, but it is very expensive to retrieve data from a bad drive!

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